1986 – 1993

The perfect magazines for a teenager with a car obsession

The early nineties

When I got my driver’s license, all I could do was think about the kind of car or truck that I would buy and how I would customize it, and when these magazines came out, they just ignited the excitement I felt. Discovering new and interesting ways to trick-out the car and make it a vision of my own was beyond enticing.

I decided to go the car route, as a truck seemed more of a project than fun, they only look good lowered and more car than truck, an expensive look and less practical. You can only fit one girl (safely) in a truck.

When the desire to spend money on the car faded for other compelling interests, I couldn’t stop collecting the magazines, and eventually I was simply buying them and storing them. The obsession ended and in the box they went for the next thirty years. Now, what I have are clean, crisp, virtually flawless examples of all those magazines that are all but impossible to find in any condition. Clean surfaces, sharp corners, no chips or scrapes or scratches, clean binding, tight staples.


Along comes more mature ideas

With the millennium change came more elevated interests as reflected in my magazine choices. Once I had the car I wanted, the motivation to spend money on it or a different car waned and made way for other things, as did the desire to customize it. In fact, the pendulum swung the other way and I wanted to keep any mods subtle and clean, or none at all.

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