Opportunism and OCD beget a slow build that will never finish

I really didn’t like this series, but the more that the Jordan rookie card made the headlines for record sales, the more that the design started to grow on me and I realized that I was totally drawn to the how addictive it became looking for perfectly centered examples. A visual effect that is intensified by the strength and contrast of the borders. So, the hunt for a set of 9’s began, knowing full well that I’ll never be able to afford to spring for an example of a Jordan that meets the high standards set out by the balance of the cards acquired.

The intention behind this project is to source cards in as perfect condition as possible, solid 9’s but some could be 10’s. Flaws in this card design are easy to spot and thus tough to discern those which will influence the graders to drop the grade. For the most part, super clean, with solid edges and sharp corners are the order of the day with almost zero tolerance for blemishes.

Start Date

August 2020

(Updated: Nov/22)

Cards Acquired

58 / 132

Raw Cards

USD $799.98

(ave. $13.79 / card)

Cards Graded


Grading Costs




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