1983 – 1986

Cruisin’ and racin’ on the mighty P.K. Ripper.

In need of a restoration, this bad-boy has been well used but in perfect condition, and has all the right elements for racing and casual urban riding.

I started riding with a black CCM, steel and heavy as hell, but I made it look good. Then I started buying BMX magazines, and the addiction was underway. When I discovered S.E. Racing, it came across as a really serious BMX racing company, the parts tough as hell and relatively uncommon due to the cost, perfect for the guy who likes to make a presence at the track. I bought components that were sleek racing products and married them to this bitchin’ frame marketed for tricks and jumps and rugged use. It was rare to see another Ripper on the track, and when you did you figured the guy kinda knew what he was doing. They all ran big wide rims with meaty tires, but I had the opposite. Cool.

I sourced the parts from various retailers, mostly Cycle Path in Toronto and Rockville BMX in Maryland, with only the cranks coming from California. Rockville BMX was the God on the east coast, I still have a couple of their catalogs, pretty rare to find, and in really good condition.

Parts List

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