2014 – Present

Collecting beautiful examples of 59’s with no intention to complete the set.

The 1959 set has a really simple design, but it is because of this simplicity that the series is one of the most beautiful to collect in mid-high grade. With bold clean colours framed in white, many of the cards are quite compelling in high grade because a large proportion of the card’s surface area is inked in a single solid colour. Blemishes are easy to notice, with marks wreaking havoc on yellow and black backgrounds, but a clean card is shockingly pretty. The greatest hurdle there is in completing the set is the massive size, so there is no intention to complete the set, rather instead the pursuit of rare and population 1 of 1 cards of any player.

The collection also has a few error cards such as a number of Haywood Sullivan’s with the copyright / dot variations, and an SGC84 Warren Spahn with an obscured ‘3’ that I bought years ago. 1959’s are collected on a regular basis, the ones not fitting the above simple goal will be still graded but sold to continue financing the collection. Achieving this goal is attained by seeking out the most perfect examples possible in raw condition.

Some of the cards were found in a rack pack, including a Roger Maris and are included in the inventory but will be either graded and sold.

Start Date

May 2020

(Updated: Nov/22)

Cards Acquired

96 / 572

Cards Cost

USD $1,217.94

(ave. $12.68 / card)

Cards Graded


Grading Costs





This is the first baseball series I started collecting, and after a very long time away from sports cards, my reintroduction to the hobby brought with it heightened expectations in both condition and quality of the cards. The lower standards are apparent in the grades purchased, but with my second approach, the raw cards out for grading should yield much better grades.

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