Picking up with a set 40 years after I started

The first set I ever started and after the initial twenty packs that I purchased, they remained boxed up for the next 40 years. They’ve now seen the light and after lots of organizing, I realize that my set has very few high grade cards. I have recently started filling in the gaps with some gorgeous newly graded cards, I figure a complete set of PSA 9’s is appropriate, 10s are far too much money and I have other sets on the go.

Start Date

August 1980

Updated: Nov. 2021

Cards Acquired

308 / 396

Raw Cards

USD $80.0

(25 packs + 4 PSA 9s)

Grading Costs


4 x Gretzky

Total Cost


Approx. Value


Returned and Acquired

Cert.#: 49404187

Cert.#: 63153844

Cert.#: 63153845

Cert.#: 63153846

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