1978 – 1984

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Guides, Manuals and Modules

I have to admit that the artwork was really the greatest pull for me towards this game. I did play it a lot early in the day, but when interest in the game died away, I still wanted the products. I loved going over the maps and sketches and discovering monsters that had mildly disproportionate strengths and thinking of ways to incorporate them into the story-line. I also enjoyed the math and tracking value changes.

Unlike almost everything else I’ve collected, only half of the AD&D material has gone unused. Some manuals are mint unread, and the others are well loved, such as the DM Guide, which happens to be my favourite of the group, the cover art is gorgeous, and its a huge, heavy, meaty book full of beautiful work, and if anything, worthy of simply owning and reading.

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