A budget-minded build of the most beautiful baseball card set ever made.

I’m kicking myself for not having started this set earlier. I remember dismissing the set thinking that I’d get farther ahead as a collector and investor if I worked on other sets. But now that I’ve dabbled a little, I’m hooked and now the hunt is ever more difficult. The hunt for low-mid range quality cards is tough enough due to the age and the rampant staining from the molasses from the cracker jack candy plaguing almost half the available offerings. I don’t mind the staining, it provides tons of character and an imbued pedigree, but even low-mid range cards are still USD$300 and up, ungraded, and starting at USD$500 minimum for PSA graded examples. There are a few cards that will be a potential barrier for completion due the incredible cost; Ty Cobb, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Christy Methewson, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson and a few others, with low grade cards ranging from USD$5,000 to USD$20,000. Gulp.

Start Date

November 2021

(updated Sept. 24, 2022)

Cards Acquired

7 / 176

Cards Cost

USD $1,762.20

(ave. $251.74 / card)

Cards Graded


PSA Set Rank: 26

Grading Cost


Set Cost


(ave. $280.31 / card)

Chief Meyers #71
PSA Cert.#: 51874460

Frank Owens #74
PSA Cert.#: 63696913

Larry Cheney #89
PSA Cert.#: 66257970

Ted Easterly #117
PSA Cert.#: 66257971

George Perring #119
PSA Cert.#: 64342665

1915 Cracker Jack Elmer Baumgardner #131

Elmer Baumgardner #131
PSA Cert.#: 54932749

Fritz Maisel #158
PSA Cert.#: 64342666

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