Building a complete high quality set of 1966 Philadelphia football

Like the Topps football series of the same year, this set is also difficult to build high quality from raw, but relatively inexpensive to purchase in high grade. Other than the Ditka PSA 8, which I didn’t want to have to wait to acquire, all cards were found in raw condition.

Centered with Good Corners

The mandate is to shoot for graded PSA 9’s but settle for 8s and replace all others as they come up. Or buy graded if difficult to find in 9 condition, and / or a deal. The minimum criteria for a 1966 card must be PSA 9 centering and a clean mark-free surface, letting the corners, the back, and other elements dictate the balance of the grade. A number of cards in the series are virtually impossible to find in a grade higher than 8.

Start Date

April 2020

(updated August, 2021)

Cards Acquired

12 / 132

Raw Cards

USD $235.59

(ave. $19.58 / card)

Cards Graded

Grading Costs




Returned Graded Cards

1966 Philadelphia Morrall & Scholtz

Population 1 of 10
Only 1 higher
Cert#: 49404192

1966 Philadelphia Checklist 2 #198

Uncommon even in the lower high grades
Cert#: 49404192

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