Building a complete high quality set of 1966 Topps football cards

A difficult set to build is an exciting challenge. The 1966 Topps football series is a tough series to collect in high quality due to the cheaper paper quality and damage from cutting and is ripe for the challenge. A complete set of PSA 8’s (priced individually) is worth around $10,000.

Centered with Good Corners

The mandate is to shoot for graded PSA 9’s but settle for a complete set of PSA 8’s. The minimum criteria for a 1966 card must be PSA 10 centering and a clean mark-free surface, letting all other elements of the card dictate the balance of the grade. At this point, the primary element with an impact on value is the corners, however 8 corners are the bare minimum. One of the main criteria for this decision is that a number of cards in the series are virtually impossible to find in a grade higher than 8.

Start Date

April 2020

Cards Acquired

40 / 132

Raw Cards

USD $780

(ave. $19.50 / card)

Cards Graded


Grading Costs




Returned Graded Cards

1966 Topps Otis Taylor

Population 1 of 13
None higher
Cert#: 49404190

Raw Cards out for grading

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