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Adding onto the 4,000 words provided in the basic package
  • To build upon the basic package and offer visitors and Google new and fresh SEO content, we offer a content writing service in batches of 1,000 words
  • Content service offered is fully scalable to supply as much professionally written SEO content as you require.
  • Orders exceeding 100,000 words mandates a consultation online or by phone.
Affiliate and Industry Research
  • We will work with the client to develop an affiliate program. It should be noted that CPA revenues have a lower CTR and may dilute the PPC potential, however there are many high profile developed domains which offer affiliate-integrated content.
  • Some affiliates offer creative solutions to generate higher CTR, including turn-key product feeds which may be appropriate, depending on the domain.
  • We will install, configure and skin a forum.
Custom logo / branding
  • To elevate the value of your domain, create brand awareness for the domain or to take the project beyond domain development, then we offer logo / branding development
  • Graphic design can be as simple as a logo and extend to custom full resolution artwork for web and print, t-shirts, or any other application as required.
RSS Integration
  • We will source topical content to include on the site based on initial domain research. All feeds will be linked directly to the content creator.
  • Some domains may benefit from the addition of integrated RSS feeds, which offer not only a value-add feature to the surfing experience, but also present the opportunity to generate search engine traffic.
  • We will install, configure and skin an eCommerce solution.