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Missed Google opportunity turns out to be a let down

Matt Cutts makes an open call to submit domains that would be openly critiqued for their SEO, during the Google I/O presentation. I can’t believe I missed it, and from the sounds of it, the entire domaining community missed it too. 500 sites submitted? thats it? I’m surpised it wasn’t 500 domainers with 10 sites each. Maybe domainers didn’t get involved because Matt only posted the call on his site and only made one Tweet about it.

Anyway, here was the chance for anyone throughout the entire domain development community who are laboring their brains out to build web projects, to submit a site to arguably some of the most knowing people behind the (unfortunately) holy grail of organic traffic, and get their opinion as to the good and bad in a site’s SEO tactics and what improvements can be made.

Well, as it turns out, it would have been a complete waste of time. I watched this video optimistically awaiting new information, dissecting their words, scanning for understatements, even innuendo, but nope, nothing useful. For the most part, the team talks about usability and visitor experience, and important as it may be, hardly the concern of SEO in the context that they were offering SEO feedback, but let me quote the promo;

“Attendees: Perfect for web developers who want to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO)”.

The questions at the end tend to support the notion that the crowd would have liked to have seen something more. Matt does say something that is always good to hear though, which is that Google doesn’t take the TLD into consideration when indexing and ranking sites.

If you can get by the lame banter and the uncomfortable moments when Matt wishes someone would shut up, then here it is, comments more than welcome.