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Developing an eBay site brings with it some special features.

Read the “notes on eBay development” post for more details and ideas, and see some sase study projects, all of which are in varying degrees of development.

Benefits Summary:

  • Store-like designs, appealing to users in the research / buy phase
  • eBay sellers create keyword saturated titles that contributes to the domain’s SEO
  • Massive eBay inventory provides variety and dynamic content when indexed
  • Immune to click fraud due to eBay quality-click pricing which means greater commissions when it contributes to eBay’s revenue
  • Once eBay has logged a visitor from the domain, business that user does with eBay in the future is tracked. eBay’s primary concern is long-term, quality traffic.

eBay Development Package includes:

  • Keyword and Traffic Research to dictate direction of SEO
  • Individually customized and keyword optimized
  • Custom header and site graphics
  • Free hosting available
  • Alignment with client’s Webmaster accounts, Adsense and Analytics if required (bare minimum to fully and correctly develop the domain)

Client Requirements
You must have an eBay Developer Program account (easy) and an eBay Partner Program account (not so easy). Contact us in advance if you haven’t yet applied, we’d be happy to offer some ideas and suggestions.

Domain Name Requirements
The domain name must be generic (see case studies), dotCom, dotNet or dotOrg (we aren’t yet going to experiment with dotInfo unless it is one amazing keyword). The domain must not be registered with a privacy service or contain a trademark. If it is a product sold on eBay, then it can qualify.