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Domain development is not a quick and simple task, period. The research component alone can take hours to do properly just to establish a direction and is a mandatory element in developing meaningful and successful search engine optimization. This still leaves writing the code for the pages, adding the custom SEO content, setting up all supporting accounts, etc. Read the Traffickers post on the content creation phase.

Our turn-around time for a developed information site with a Basic Package can range from a few days to a week, depending on the domain and the path that the research phase suggests for content development.

The site can be developed on a WordPress install or custom hand-written web pages, as per request.

The basic package includes:

  • Professionally written and unique SEO content
  • Custom header and site graphics unique to the site
  • Dedicated cgi-bin for optional scripting.
  • Two email addresses (forwarded-only).
  • One database (available if required for custom packages).
  • free hosting available (or will upload to the client’s hosting environment)
  • Domain / hosting configuration and optimization
  • Sitemap and other required files
  • Alignment with each of the client’s Webmaster accounts, along with Adsense and Analytics. Webmaster and Analytics is a bare minimum to fully and correctly develop the domain.
  • If the client already has Google Analytics and/or Adsense accounts, then we are happy to access the account and configure, or the client may open the accounts and participate the Google integration.

Check out some case studies of recent client work.