Small / medium-size business, online and brick-and-mortar

dnh_snapThe first domain industry content aggregator. The contributors for this site were hand-selected to form the basis of a well-rounded offering, providing an excellent snapshot of the domaining industry on a daily basis. Also, the first site to bring focus to the domain law niche.

Work Done: Custom Development.

callook_snapOne of the leading VW niche sites on the web, with approximately 24,000 uniques, and traffic from 174 countries. The new version is built entirely on a WordPress install to accommodate community involvement beyond the forum and to meet the needs of the staff who update the content.

Work Done: Custom Development.

Eric Borgos / Impulse

impulse_snapWe are proud to welcome Eric Borgos. Eric is truly one of our favorite domainers and domain developers. His uniquely stright-forward approach to domain development has yielded numerous annual multi-million dollar sales figures and has created a vast network of successful properties.

Some of Eric’s many properties include the Network and, and sales include properties such as the Moniker-brokered,,, HawaiianVacation(s).com,, and a suite of other premium generics.

It was our charge to create some branding, and put together a simple, clean blog design that tied all his front-end content together, and mirrored his approach and reflected the inherent style Eric has brought to the web.

Work Done: Basic Package + Custom Branding / logo + Other Misc. work as required

nameshopping_snapA simple clean site design upgrade to present a partial inventory of Mr. Borgos’ / Impulse Corp domain portfolio. The database call that loads all the content into the home page is the wish of the client.

Work Done: Misc. Custom Work

eBay Affiliate Examples

inlineskate_snapThis has been the test domain for a long time. Used to test Google and eBay content and keyword combinations, graphics, layout, etc. The site has been reconditioned as a serious site (and not the whipping post test site) and generates about $100 / month. Still in test mode, content component to come.

Work Done: eBay API, Extra Content

touch_snapWith a global monthly average of 18,000 exact searches across the Google network, the keywords served as a decent starting point for a site full of optimized content, all geared towards a particular set of targeted searches. Traffic and search result research indicated that certain technologies and uses was the best path to follow. This all combines with a relatively decent CPC and low search competition, and it is a cool product and part of developing and emerging technologies and applications.

Work Done: Misc. Custom Development, eBay API, Extra Content

radiocontrolcars_snapGeneric keyword domain development, SEO, and eBay Shopping API. Still in test mode, content component to come.

Work Done: eBay Shopping API integration

wirelesscamera_snapAnother domain drop, this site was immediately attractive because of the keywords in the domain which provide a focused niche that helps with SEO, and the crystal clear development path, and the fact that the terms generate about 74,000 avergage monthly exact searches on Google doesn’t hurt.

The site has been sitting in first place on page one of Yahoo for about a month, which is nice, but not too difficult to do. The site is too new to anchor a reliable placement on Google and bounces around like a wild beast, but as traffic data comes in, site content is added and tweaked.

Misc. developed domain samples

We take the time to research the domain, the industry it is in, and it’s competition to yield a generous and impactful offering, blending creativity and features as thoroughly and inexpensively as possible.

goaliepads_snapGeneric keyword domain development, SEO, and eBay Shopping API. Updated with a content component which brought down AdWords costs by well over 50%. If left alone, the site generates $100 / month, with AdWords campaigns the site does approx. $300 / month.

Work Done: eBay Shopping API integration

CRL_snapExcellent domain niche for Google SERPs and eBay product inventory, with a high value, high demand generic product. Routinely found on page one in Google, Yahoo and Bing, which generates a large amount of high quality traffic and is averaging an eCPM of $515. This site also has outperformed eBay’s stated expected quality-click pricing range by almost 200%.

Work Done: Misc. Custom Development, eBay API, Extra Content

bookbags_snapTraffickerz launches with a well organized and purposeful selection of book bags, each page custom SEO’d, with unique content to follow as data comes in. The research yielded a fairly obvious direction, however aligning the results with search intent took a little fiddling. One of the reasons why research is so important is that keywords do not always reflect intent, and this site’s target market wasn’t too clear with their search intent.

Work Done: Misc. Custom Development, eBay API, Text content to follow